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A New Home For the Holidays

A New Home For The Holidays?

PhotoThere's no doubt that on a personal level, many of us are immersed in one of the busiest times of the year. So that means real estate plans should be put on the back burner, right? Not so fast…

The "typical" seasons to buy and sell real estate are when the weather is good and when families with children can schedule moves with the least impact on the school year. So why list now? There could be a host of reasons, from personal to professional, but whatever the reason, homebuyers should recognize that a seller who lists at this time of year is often more motivated to sell than one who lists during the more traditional selling seasons.

Because there is less activity in the market at this time of year, it only stands to reason that from a seller's perspective, the advantage lies in less competition from other properties for sale, while the advantage from a buyer's perspective could be recognizing that the seller might be more motivated to compromise.

Lenders, agents and other real estate servicers may also have more time to spend with buyers and sellers now, as opposed to the frantic spring season where the phone never stops ringing.

Finally, while moving in the winter may not necessarily be your number one choice, imagine how good you'll feel when you're all settled in next spring, knowing you captured not only the home of your dreams, but a great 2013 mortgage interest rate too!

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